The transformation of me

{April 4, 2012}   The real beginning!

So you guys remember last week when I posted my first blog, I was happy and optimistic about the tranformation process that I am going through and just ready to share with everyone some of the things that I am doing. Well I am still happy and optimistic, just add in tired and sore with that.  So Last week because of previously planned activities I was only able to make it to the gym once, (I still did Pliates at home) so, when walked into the gym to talk with the trainer on Monday he told me that Tuesday (yesterday) is actually going to be my first day and to just get a little cardio in, he proceeds to put me on the eliptical for 20 very intense minutes, while changing the pace and resistance during that time frame.  So this kind of worried me, I had previously thought that when I was with him the weeke before he had started me off pretty hard, but that was just to gauge me and see what I could do.  Well let me tell you yesterday Clarence (yes I am putting you on blast!) kicked my but. I feel sorness in lots of muscles but mostly just my knee’s but we will go into that later.  I felt like I did pretty good until we got to the planks OMG, I could barley do them, now of course my excuse is that I just had a baby about 6months ago and my abs are virtually none exsistant (good excuse right). I still tried even though it hurt so much to try and hold my big’ole butt slightly in the air while holding in the abs and resting on the forearms ( it was worse than that but he modified it just for my extremely weak abs). Then there were the hops, where you hop, using you your arms for momentum and jumping about 3-5′ at a time down the length of a ballroom and back, OMG by then my thighs were begging for a break but SD (slave driver) wasn’t hearing it. All and all I had a great workout and I get a day of rest, yay!  Clarence I will be back on Thursday ready to get it in, no pain no gain. 

Now back to the knee pain thing.  I am experiencing some pain in my knee that is associated with the workout so I am not that concerned about it, but I want to address something.  I have let myself get to a point weight wise that is extremely unhealthy. I have knee pain in both knee’s and I know it is coming from the extra weight that I am carring around. I will not allow this to continue, I have to get healthy, I want to feel better, look better and have energy.  I want live for a long time and the best way to do that is to start taking care of my temple.  I am in control of what goes into my body and what happens to my body.  I will get healthy for my kids, for my husband, but most importantly for me and my quality of life.

P.S. I am going to post some before pictures next time I blog, and every two weeks after that, I really want you to take this journey and see this change! Anyone want to join me.

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