The transformation of me

{April 9, 2012}   Man down…oh my bad woman down!

Ok, peeps it’s the Monday after Easter and I am glad to see another glorious day! Isn’t it wonderful to be alive?!?!  The kiddos had fun yesterday, they looked so beautiful all dressed up. Our 6 month old even had on a tie, with slacks and a dress shirt. Ah good times. 

Now that I have you all buttered up I am going to drop a bombshell! I failed horribly at eating right over the weekend. I started out right on Friday. I ate healthy for breakfast, lunch was Greek food, lots of veggies and lamb, I even ate one slice of pizza for dinner, awesome right? Well Saturday was another story.  I woke up and made a breakfast casserole for the family, it has shredded hash browns, eggs, sausage, and cheese. Then for lunch we ate Dave’s Burgers they give unlimited fries and frozen custard! Later that night I took my husband out for drinks and appetizers, fried appetizers at that, so needless to say Saturday was not a good eating habit day. Sunday wasn’t any better, more breakfast casserole with bacon for breakfast and for dinner we ate Pop-eyes chicken. I know that I was a slave to the fried beast over the weekend, hopefully that was enough for me to get it out of my system.  I have to be real with this blog or I am just going to end up cheating myself. I won’t give up fried foods completly but I can cut it down to twice a month, and from the look of things I have exceeded my limit for April.  This is why I call this a journey, as long as I am honest with myself about this I should have epiphanies from time to time about how to change certain behavior.

  Anyhow, now I have to go to the gym and train that much harder!!!! I refuse to undo the time, and effort that I am putting into this transformation. I will be going grocery shopping this week so that I can get all of the necessary foods that I need to be eating. Thanks for the recipes and advice on how to prepare healthy meals. Please feel free to share your favorite healthy meals, I always need ideas.  


Oh yeah, I still have to post my measurements, maybe I’m a little scared……..??

SPJ says:

Its okay! I had Pasta and we won’t talk about what I ate on Friday!!!!!! I’m going to the gym once I leave work!

Mr. Unforgettable says:

Well young lady, being honest with yourself will definately help you in the long run of things and could very well keep you on track. Another great list of helthy meal ideas can be found in a book called “The Daniel Fast”. It has a list of different items that are geared towards healthy eating and spiritual spiritual strength. With breakdown in every category such as breakfast, lunch, snacks, desserts, etc. It’s worth the purchase if you are truely seeking new ideas to help change your eating habits for the better. ; )

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