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{April 18, 2012}   Snack monster…you will not win…next time!

Happy Wednesday followers!

It’s another beautiful day, I am happy healthy and alive, so I can’t complain. Anyhow I know that I haven’t posted in about a week and the reason was just tiredness and lack of motivation (thanks to Aunt Flo).  I really need to get back on my iron because I can tell the difference, anyhow.   Now just because I was lazy in my writing doesn’t mean that I was lazy in my workouts.  I met with my trainer last week as normal, and as normal he did his thing and worked me/us hard.  I say us because my friend Mia worked out with me last Monday. Shout out to my girl, because she has really been working her butt off and she looks great, I think that she has even reached her goal weight, so round of applause for her.  Now with that being said, I got to the gym that day about 15 min before Zumba was done so I jumped right in with them. Afterwards Mia tells me she is going to train with me that day, I was glad to have someone there with me as I strained and sweated. Clarence, or SD (slave driver) as I like to call him took us outside for the workout. Well he had us running the parking lot, and doing mountain climbers, and squat jumps among other things.  Well thank God that I have my own reasons and motivation to work out because my girl was just barely doing the work, no energy, or enthusiasm. I don’t fault her because she has already put in the work and reached her goal, but I am trying to get there. I can’t have the excuse that I don’t feel motivated by the people who I train with. My success is directly tied into the amount of effort that I put into my workouts and my eating habits. So Mia thanks for the text apologizing for your lack of energy, but no need because one day I will be where you are, at my goal weight.  Thanks for working out with me girl, I love you!

Ok so I have been kind of struggling with my food choices.  For the most part I choose healthy items to eat but there is this little snack monster that attacks me almost everyday. He creeps up on me and gently whispers, chips….chips.  You see potato chips are my kryptonite, I just can’t seem to help it.  Maybe I just need to go to the store and buy the bag of assorted baked chips to solve the problem, I don’t know.   I know that eating healthy is the key to a healthy body, I can work out all day long, but I still won’t be healthy if I don’t eat healthy. Skinny doesn’t mean healthy, it means your body burns food well but if the food is filled with trans fat, salt and sugar you are just as unhealthy as a 300lb person.  I am challenging myself to eat my way healthy.I have to eat in a way that will prevent hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, etc.   I know that there are no quick fixes for losing the weight that I have layered on for the last 10 years. It is going to take sacrifice, hard work and a determined mind.   I had to tell my children that the fat places on my body that they like to squeeze (arms, tummy, legs) will be slim and toned so they better get out of their system NOW! Portion control is something that I have to get used to again, I thought about eating lean cuisine meals for a couple of weeks so that my stomach can shrink and my body can get use to getting full off of less food, but there is just too much sodium in those things.  Anyhow, I challenge you to have something green at every meal, also incorporate fruit into every meal, or at least for your snacks.  We should be eating 9 servings of fruit and veggies daily, how many of you get even half of that weekly let alone daily.  Commit to making that change for at least 21 day and you will feel the difference physically,and mentally.

P.s. Did you know that it only takes 21 days to create a habit, let’s get in the habit of changing bad ones into good ones that we can be proud of !

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Go YOu!! Rock on! Thats awesome that you’re working so hard! I too am trying to reach my goal weight the right way so I’m totally buying what you’re selling. Just because a girl has a slammin bod doesnt mean that she is “fit”! In fact, I think STRONG is the new SKINNY!

I can also relate with you because I CANNOT resist chips! And baked ones suck, so I try to avoid them all together. Like you said about the 21 days to make a habit comment, I got “off chips” for a while and the first week I craved them like no other, but after that I didnt really think of them much. And something that has helped me as a healthy snack alternative: I cut up zucchini and dip it in hummus. You can really eat as much of this as you want because zucchini is a veggie and hummus isn’t too bad for you!

sismocha says:

Thanks alot for the love. We really have to stick together and try to motivate everyone that we know that are on this journey to a healthier body. I really appreciate the positive feedback!

SPJ says:

How awesome! I have the opposite problem! They say snacking can help with weight loss if you are snacking on the right things. However, as much as I try to incorporate a healthy snack here or there, it just doesn’t typically happen! Today I did good though! I had 100 calorie pudding. It has a bit of sugar in it, but it’s a pretty healthy choice and one of the reasons I decided to incorporate that! Good job keepin it goin!

Mia says:

Ummmm, first, let me say “Thanks for the shout out!!”. Yes, I have met my goal, but would now like to shed 10 more lbs. Secondly, we have worked out twice together now. And, yes, I played around the first time (and the SD checked me real quick, after we trained). But the second time, I came with it!!!! I was on point and he didnt have to fuss at me one time…LOL! But I must say, you are doing your thing, Mo, and I am so proud of you. I am so excited about your transformation and will be there to encourage you every step of the way. So, here’s to out next training session…..LET’S GET IT!!!!

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