The transformation of me

{April 19, 2012}   Now that’s the man I love!!!!

This blog is dedicated to my wonderful husband Vincent E Smith. He is the love of my life, the father of my children, my friend, and my protector.  I am giving him what he deserves and the is my appreciation! We have been legally married for almost 10 years, not all of those years have been good, but there have been more good ones than bad. I love the way that he cares about me and his family. He has been and still is very encouraging during my transformation process, even though we are in the early stages. This is what he told me today after reading my blog

“Continue being committed to what you are doing baby. You are doing wonderful and I am so proud of the now and future you.”


Wasn’t that the sweetest thing ever?  I can wait for the day that I can put my freak’em dress on and show off my new health body to him. I hope to be at my goal weight or at least close to it by Aug 31st because that is when we will have reached our 10 year milestone. So for our anniversary I want to show my husband that I would marry him all over again, we are going to renew our vows. God has really been doing some things in our lives and I know that he is going to continue to bless us as long as we put him first and our family second!  Thank you baby for all of the years, our children, the life lessons, and for loving me in spite of my short comings! I love you more now then I ever can. Keep being the man you were designed to be, the man for me!

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