The transformation of me

{May 14, 2012}   It’s been a while…

Ok, it’s been a while since I have posted but a lot has been going on. Funeral, graduation, birthday, and Mother’s day to name a few. Side bar, Happy mothers day to all you mothers reading this. Anyhow I have still been working out, I had a three mile walk around the historic Central high school. The school is one mile in diameter and inclines on both sides on the building so my calves and flutes have really been burning lately. I have even had a walking buddy join me a couple times this week. This really short, cute little boy named Micah. One day I carried him with me in a carrier but after walking a few blocks the twenty extra pounds made me rethink my strategy. So after putting in the stroller I proceeded to push the baby around the school. It was a really great work out and after doing this everyday I should have some really toned glutes and I can’t wait.
I will be doing the weigh in tomorrow and the measurements for May will be in a few days. I hope that I have lost some. Anyhow sleep is overcoming me and I am afraid I will type some I regret.
Good night loves!


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