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{June 6, 2012}   That Big Dam bridge!

On Saturday, me and some of my family decided to go for a walk. We tightened up our shoe laces and made our way to the Big Dam Bridge. It was a beautiful day the weather couldn’t have been better, 70 degrees and sunny, who could ask for better? As we drove up my mom looked at the huge inclines and though twice, “maybe I should let y’all have this one” she stated but it was to late to turn back. She had to join us. The bridge is over a mile long one way and has two huge inclines. So me and Quantia Fletcher armed with our baby strollers started the walk. We took a brisk pace and finished pretty quickly in my eyes. Once we made it across my mother conveniently suggests that we stop for a while and enjoy the scenery. It is a lovely area but I think that she just needed to rest. Anyhow it was a great walk and the kids enjoyed being out in the fresh air. Walking on that bridge gave me a thought? Anyone interested in starting/ joining a walking club/group? Let me know if you are interested, we could walk indoors when it to hot but if we start now we might be able to enjoy a few days before it’s to unbearable.
Here is some info on the BDB

These are some pics of the kids during our walk.
Micah and Lyric



TTFN= Ta Ta for now!


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