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{June 7, 2012}   One whole chicken

Good morning all! Hope you are having an awesome week but the weekend is knocking on the backdoor just waiting to come in and get started. So anyways yesterday when thinking on what I would cook for dinner my mind goes the the whole chicken that I had taken out of the freezer the day before to thaw. Normally I just bake the whole chicken and just butcher it afterwards but his time I decided to channel my inner country girl and cut the chicken up into individual parts. I know right! Well this is a skill that my mother taught me when I was 10 (of course I jacked up many chickens learning how to cut one up) I don’t really remember us buying precut chicken unless it was the huge 10lbs back of leg quarters but anyway. I was a little apprehensive about it at first but I was sure that I still had it. I did an awesome job, perfectly cut and I marinated it in a grill masters season packet(tomato, basil and something I forget) and grilled it. It was awesome.
Ok so I like to try new things but I have yet to cook the frozen brussels sprouts that are in my freezer. Maybe today is the day, if my 9 year old likes them maybe they are worth trying. I’ll let you guys know how that turns out!

Any one have some summer recipes that they can share with me. I am running out of ideas!

Sis Mocha


SPJ says:

There are so many recipes on pinterest! I can’t bring myself to try brussel sprouts!

Isn’t it funny that so many people don’t know how to cut up a whole chicken?? Thank goodness for Moms, is all I can say! That’s where I learned, too.

sismocha says:

I did contemplate calling my mom to come over and cut it up for me but I just channeled my inner child and did a great job. Thanks for the comments

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