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{June 1, 2012}   This shut me up!


I know I was kinda tripping with my last post but that is just how I felt and feel sometimes. I saw this after I posted and it really spoke to me.
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{June 1, 2012}   Sooo unfair

You know, I was just laying here thinking how unfair life can be. Hallie Berry has a baby and soon after she is a size zero, her and several other celebs. It just makes us everyday women that don’t have the personal chef, trainer, dietitian/nutritionist have to work ten times harder just to get half way there, not that I want to be a size zero or anything like that but, I’m just saying! That is the end of my editorial comments. Thank you and good night!

Sis Mocha

{May 29, 2012}   I must confess

Ok I know that when I started this blog I was all excited about the possibilities of me changing my health and physical appearance and sharing that journey with you guys. Since April I have learned a lot about myself and I am still learning. I know that I have a problem when it comes to food because I am an emotional eater, yeah I said it “my name is Mo and I am an emotional eater. I eat to make my self feel good and then I later feel bad because of it. I am trying to apply to eat to live principle and it has worked for the most part. I just try to satisfy my need to eat for comfort with healthy things but that doesn’t always work and there is not excuse for it. I have still been exercising but that does keep me from feeling guilty when I fall off of the wagon. I have come so far but I feel like I took ten steps back over the weekend. Between graduation celebrations and family BBQs I didn’t do so well. I really want to do well with this change and I know that I can do it, it just has to be done with and excellent spirit if I really and to succeed. This journey is for me and my health and well being. I must keep my mind sharp and focused on the task at hand if I truly want to succeed. Did any one else fall off the wagon besides me this weekend?
Motivation moment:
Keep on going girl you can do this, you are strong, you are determined, you will not lose. Stay motivated to make small changes that will lead to big results! Start with water, stay hydrated and your body will thank you. Drink water all day, I know the sugary stuff tastes better but your body doesn’t need it, cut out those empty calories!

TTFN= Ta Ta for now!
Sis Mocha

{May 29, 2012}   Workout hair!

Ok, another week gone by and the weekend is here. Not only the weekend but Memorial Day weekend! So I have been working out for a few months now and I have yet to figure out what to do about my hair. I know alot of African American women use there hair as an excuse to not work out but I am not the one. Yes, I still have this dilemma because my husband likes my hair a certain way and I try my best to keep it how he likes it but it is almost impossible. When I workout the first place that I sweat is my head, by the time I am done working out my hair is dripping wet. This makes it hard for me to wear it straight with the hair swooped over my eye(his fav style)

So I would love to go natural but he is not really ready for that yet, and on some levels neither am I. I really need some alternatives that don’t include me wearing a ponytail or even braids daily because my husband will not go for that one. Please leave your comments on what to do. Help me please I need options!!!! I started this blog post on Friday but got side tracked before I could finish hence the references to it being the weekend.
Sis Mocha

{May 23, 2012}   9 years already

Good morning lovelies! Just thought I would share with you guys today. Sunday my beautiful daughter Amya Jasmine Smith turned 9 years old. I can’t believe it’s been 9 years already. I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. She was so little 6lbs and 6 ounces to be exact. She was and is my little princess even though she is the typical little girl drama and all. I just pray that she grows up to be a focused and driven young lady. I know that she will because she has a great foundation and she has set very high goals for herself. Amya told me that she wants to graduate and be the valedictorian and she wants a choice of colleges with a full paid scholarship to all of her choices. I am proud to know that she has that on her mind so young in life. I am so proud of her and I can’t wait to watch her grow into the young lady she has predicted that she will be. She will be a great example for her little brother who thinks the world of her. I love you sweetheart!


So Monday I decided to add another form of exercise to my routine, biking. No wimpy stationary bike for me, I am riding in the sun on my husband bicycle. I told him that I was going to ride around Central high school, so I thought, thankfully he discouraged me from doing this because there are some pretty big hills around Central which I thought I could pull. When my hubby brought his to my attention I took his advice and just rode in the neighborhood. Well there are some nice inclines around here and I thought my legs were going to give out after I got done with my ride. Very good exercise though. I plan on keeping it up and maybe I one day soon I can pull the hills around Central.

{May 19, 2012}   May goals

Ok I have not posted my goals for May and I can tell the difference. I don’t feel like I am working towards anything specific so it leaves me a little unmotivated. Anyhow I am going to post my goals so that my friends reading this can hold me accountable. Ok for May I want to lose 10lbs and 5 total inches. Last month was 11lbs and 4 inches so I think I can do it with continued discipline.
What about you guys out there what are some of your goals health wise, do you have short term or long term goals only? Well which ever you have stick to them and you will be successful.
Sis Mocha

{May 16, 2012}   Decisions, decisions…

Good morning! Isn’t it a wonderful Wednesday? I am just glad to be alive to see another beautiful day, and it sure beats the alternative. Anyhow, over the last week I have been extremely busy in a way. My job has ended, I was working a temp position but the assignment is over. I really liked where I was but there just wasn’t enough work to justify them hiring me full time, but I know that my blessing is on the way. I have really been contemplating nursing school for some time but it is just hard to add a burden to my family by not really working for a year or two. I know that in the long run it will be for the better but I just don’t know. What do you guys think? I need some feed back on this, please comment with your thoughts. I was thinking even more about this over the weekend when I saw my nephew graduate, just seeing how far he has come and how he overcame many obstacles. It was inspiring, I want to leave a legacy for my children, I want them to be proud of me. I want my kids to know that no matter what happens in life you can still accomplish your goals. I have let this one sit on the back burner for to long. It’s now or never, I really want to make my family proud of me.
Anyhow back to my weekend, part of my extremely busy weekend was my nephew’s graduation celebration. It was awesome, see his father died 10 years ago and it was hard on him but he has a great mom and sister who have helped push him towards his goals. Well there is also a lovely lady in his life who has helped him transform into a productive young man, beside every good man is a good woman. So after some very tearful speeches about how he almost didn’t make it to graduation he then turns and proposes to his fiancé. How romantic! It was so awesome.

Even after an extremely long and busy weekend. I didn’t gain a pound even though I had cake on mothers day. I have yet to do my monthly measurements but they will be on here before the weekend.
Motivation moment; surround yourself with good friends. The ones who want to see you succeed, the ones that will remind you of your goals and push you towards them. Ones who will encourage you when you feel like giving up. Get ride of the negativity. It’s time to do your spring cleaning before the summer starts, throw out the negativity and bring on the positive. Remember “you are smart, you are kind, you are important”!

Off to get my workout on, much love!

Sis Mocha

{May 14, 2012}   It’s been a while…

Ok, it’s been a while since I have posted but a lot has been going on. Funeral, graduation, birthday, and Mother’s day to name a few. Side bar, Happy mothers day to all you mothers reading this. Anyhow I have still been working out, I had a three mile walk around the historic Central high school. The school is one mile in diameter and inclines on both sides on the building so my calves and flutes have really been burning lately. I have even had a walking buddy join me a couple times this week. This really short, cute little boy named Micah. One day I carried him with me in a carrier but after walking a few blocks the twenty extra pounds made me rethink my strategy. So after putting in the stroller I proceeded to push the baby around the school. It was a really great work out and after doing this everyday I should have some really toned glutes and I can’t wait.
I will be doing the weigh in tomorrow and the measurements for May will be in a few days. I hope that I have lost some. Anyhow sleep is overcoming me and I am afraid I will type some I regret.
Good night loves!


Good morning people, how is everyone on this motivation monday.  It’s another beautiful day even though it’s kinda overcast outside. I hope that you all had a great weekend, I sure did. Saturday consisted of me running errands all morning and keeping 3 extra kids all afternoon. I love keeping my little cousins, even though they are almost as tall as me, they are still little girls. We had fun, we went to the park and I grilled hot dogs and some chicken we also had some chopped pork, thanks to a coworker .  Fun was had by all.  Anyhow, you see where I said that I grilled hot dogs, well for some reason I was compelled to take a bite out of one of the hot dogs, even though I had chicken.  Well my stomach began to hurt almost immediately( and obviously pork dint agree with me ie pork hot dogs and smoked pork) , I didn’t really think about it much until I went to hang out with my adult cousin later that night.  I had a cocktail while we were having girl time, but by the time I finished it, my stomach was in rare form. I had a horrible case of the BG’s (bubble guts) so I spent most of the evening in the bathroom.  The last time I went into the bathroom, I had an overwhelming feeling to empty my stomach, yes, I threw up everything that I had eaten for the day, it had not digested at all.  It was bad, so I came to this conclusion.  Since I have not eaten processed food/meat, or pork in about a month to 6 weeks, my system had reset its self and that hot dog was a foreign object. Also since I have not had any alcohol lately,  the mixture of the two just didn’t work well for me.  I know now that I can no longer eat processed meat, I really don’t know what came over me, and maybe I should stick to an alcohol free life. The latter part of that sentences makes my mom extremely happy, since she doesn’t understand why I have an occasional  drink  in the first place.

Well with all that being said, I have reached goal number one on my list.  It official, I am below 200 lbs, YAY!  Now, I am sure vomiting everything that I ate on saturday helped out but not by much.  I weighed in at 198 lbs on Sunday morning, and even though I had grilled salmon, a baked sweet potato, a HUGE salad, and half a whole wheat roll for dinner. My weight didn’t move when I got on the scale this morning to make sure I didn’t do any damage.  I made Monday my weigh in day so that I won’t be tempted to get out of control on the weekend.  Anyhow, one goal accomplished and plenty more to go. Yay me!!! All of my hard work is paying off even though I only worked out a couple of days last week. I decided to give my knees a much-needed rest since they were hurting so bad.  Now I am ready to hit the pavement running, so to speak.

Motivation moment:

Anything that you want to do, you can do!  I know that in life/weight loss we seem to bite off more than we can chew, but don’t be discouraged.  When trying to reach your goals take a step by step approach.  First make small attainable goals (short-term). Next make your long-term goals.  Track what you eat for  your first week, at the end of the week you may shock yourself when you see what, and how much you are putting into your body. Set fitness and health goals that are not connected to your weight loss (i.e. running a marathon, completing 25 push ups, getting stronger, being able to walk without getting winded, lowering blood pressure).  After you have set your goals, celebrate when you accomplish each one (not with food), you will probably be the only person excited, but it doesn’t matter celebrate yourself, you deserve it!

Till next time,

Sister Mocha


{May 4, 2012}   Fantabulous Friday!!!!

Yes, yes, yes, It’s Friday, the weekend is here. For all of you who have to work, like my husband, I am truly sorry that you cannot enjoy today the way most of us are.  Anyways, tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo and normally I have a standing date with one of my good friends, but since we hadn’t talked in a while she had already made plans with her hubby, so that means me and my hubby get to go out and celebrate, yay!  Is there any one else out there other than myself who like to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, if so what are your plans.  I plan on eating cheese dip and drinking margaritas.  You see I am not on a diet plan, I am  just in control of what I eat and the reasons behind it. See,  I realized that I had a strange relationship with food, it’s was kinda like the other man in my life that I would have frequent affairs with. I just loved to eat, and when I needed comfort I could always go to food, because it was always right there for me.  Late night snacking was the worst.  I always felt like I was sneaking around, “oh hey cookies, how are you doing?”.

I am glad that I have come to realize  that my relationship with food was very unhealthy. Don’t get me wrong, I steal love to eat, I have just changed the way that I eat, and the things that I snack on.  I am making life changes that work for me.  I love fruit and veggies, I just have to be sure and have them available in the house so that I make wise choices.  My reasons behind this is, heart disease, and diabetes run in my family and if I don’t get a hold of what I am doing to my body now, I will be labeled with these illness within a couple of years.  I have some very important reasons to get healthy and stay healthy, my husband and two kids!  I don’t feel deprived, I eat things that I like ( instead of fried fish I do oven “fried” fish, or just plan baked), but I make healthier choices throughout the week so that if I choose to when the weekend comes I can to eat what I want but in moderation.  I still have a long way to go so I am not doing a lot of cheating when the weekend comes.  I have eaten about 5-9 servings of fruit and vegetables a day and it has made a huge difference especially digestive wise.  Any how, I just wanted to wish you a happy weekend!

Motivational moment

Make time for yourself. Decide to do something that will change your life for the better.  No matter what it is, it has to be right for you.  The things that work for me may not work for the next person, what motivates me is not going to motivate you.  Make a motivation/inspiration board, fill it with positive quotes, pictures of your motivational tools, pictures that will motivate you to “Keep going”, “Just Do It”! Put it some where that you will see it daily. Our battles are often won or lost in our mind first, so keep positive things before you at all times in order to succeed!

Till next time, smooches!






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