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{June 28, 2012}   Zumba and 2 am don’t mix

Hey guys, I now I haven’t been blogging much lately but I guess I don’t feel very interesting lately. Not that I feel all that interesting any other time but I digress! So yesterday day one a super busy day for this stay at home mom. I did lots of laundry, cleaned house, my daughter was not feeling well so I ended up cleaning up her vomit. I cooked a couple times,took care of a very attached 9 month old and even went to check on my mother in law and went to Zumba. I was pretty beat and after cooking dinner I was ready to pass out but Micah had other ideas. This was one of the night that he decided to stay awake until, yep you guessed it 2am. I was so tired and so frustrated but I am momma and I can’t let things like this get me frazzled. So I said a short prayer for patience and sat up and watched tv with my little man, needless to say we both slept pretty late.
Ok, isn’t Zumba awesome?! I mostly feel like I want to pass out while I am doing it and I am definitely staring at the clock to see when it’s over but I feel pretty good. So I am going to add Zumba into my workout routine. You know my body should never get used to my workouts because I do about 4 of 5 different things, I even downloaded some workout apps. Anyhow, I will be going grocery shopping tomorrow so that I can do better on my health eating, back to eating clean and lean. I also have something new I am getting ready to try thanks to someone that God has placed in my life that just felt compelled to be a blessing. God is good that way!
Until next time TTFN!
Sis Mocha


{April 24, 2012}   Clean, Lean, and Green!

Happy Tuesday peeps! Today is the dreaded day that I have put off for the last two weeks. I said that I would post my weight as well as a before picture of myself so that you could help me track my progress.  Anyway, I don’t have the full body pictures yet but I will get my husband to take them today and I will upload those along with my measurements, UUUhhh, Now the world will no that I am an out of shape lump of clay, but a beautiful one though.  I just wanted to check in with you guys today to leave just a little motivation. First off, I went to Zumba class last night and I love it. I also trained with SD last night and he drove me hard as usual.  I really want to get this balance thing down, so I have started doing Pilates, and I will do it at least 3-4 times a week along with my personal training sessions. This is day 2 of eating Lean, Clean, and Green, and I am loving it! I feel great already and  am sure I will feel even better once my system has been fully reset. I know that I am on an eight week challenge but I want my life to forever be changed because of the choices that I am making today.

Motivation moment:

Don’t allow your mind to defeat you, most of our battles are won or lost in our mind. Just because you didn’t eat well yesterday don’t allow that to throw you off course, reset and be determined to succeed. Decide to make today the day that your life changes for the better, takes small steps to make sure that you accomplish your goals. Find a POSITIVE friend to hold you accountable to what your goals are.  Remember you are strong, poised and beautiful! You CAN handle what the world throws at you, even if it’s a curve ball. Prepare yourself for the battle so that you will never be caught off guard.  YOU CAN DO IT, day by day, step by step!

As always stay encouraged,

Sis Mocha

These are some examples of what I have been eating

Whole grain wraps with egg whites and sautéed zucchini, and squash.

Lettuce wrap with brown rice, black beans, ground turkey, tomatoes, onions.

Brown rice, egg whites with spinach and artichoke, and mixed berries.

Happy Monday folks, it’s another beautiful day. It’s kinda hard sitting here looking out of this huge window at the sunshine, makes me wish  was outside. Anyhoo I really had a kinda lazy weekend when it come to working out, but I still ate well. I didn’t just go crazy! You know the hardest thing about this transformation is that I wonder how well I will do with the limited amount of sleep that I get.  Typically I get about 5 hours nightly,( 7 month old) but how well will my nutrition routine work if I am not getting adequate sleep? Just a thought.

So on Friday I signed up for this beach body challenge through It is awesome because you have access to the Tone it Up girls and the Tone it Up community for motivation, updates, give-a-ways etc..  Now their challenge is for 8 weeks and I am sure it will be difficult because, for one, the challenge you to get up 30 min early at least 4 time a week and fit in a morning workout, and secondly they want you to eat Lean, green, and clean.  Now this proves even more difficult because I am a slave to processed food like chips, diet sodas, juice, etc, but you can’t eat anything that has been chemically processed.  I know that this sounds difficult but I am up for the challenge because I know that with such a drastic change like that in my diet I am sure to see the results that I am looking for.  Now don’t get me wrong when I say that something will be difficult that doesn’t mean that I won’t succeed of try, it just means that I have to put even more of myself into reaching that goal.  I know that joining the Beach Body challenge is what I am supposed to be doing because I received conformation when I went to FB and clicked on a page that I become a fan of (but never checked out). It’s called Black Women do Work Out.  This by far has been the most motivational/inspirational page that I have been to period.  There are all of these beautiful women just like me that are on a journey to better themselves physically, and health wise.  There are women who have lost over a hundred pounds, some who are 50+ but look no older than 30, some who have just started and some who have grafted some of the hottest bodies I have ever seen.  Anyway many of them also talk about the benefits of eating Lean, clean, and green.  So I am pumped.  I plan on posting my progress on their page so that I can be one of the lovely ladies featured there to motivate others.  Let me tell you that you can do it, today is your day to stop making excuses for being overweight. When we were created we were not created FAT, that is not God’s best for you, if it was you wouldn’t have all the medical issues. Just start eating healthy and walking daily and you may be able to get off of your meds one day. Commit to making your life healthy and being happy.

So what do you think readers, is rigorous exercise the only and best way to lose weight or is there something to this no more processed food?  Processed food is: refined sugar, chips, cookies, white bread, soda (yes even diet!), processed meat, anything where chemicals are added to it, no caffeine as well. If you can’t pronounce the names on the labels do eat it.  Anyone interested in joining me on this challenge, I can’t wait to see the results.  I am going to look so good Serena Williams is going to ask me what have I been doing.  P.S. My  body type is similar to her’s and I want my tight and toned just like her’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would definitely need breast implants though, I’m just sayin””….


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