The transformation of me

Ok so I have realized that I am extremely out of shape. I mean I workout but no where near the level that I should be working at. So Wed when I did a run walk interval for 30 mins I was exhausted and tired. My legs felt like I was walking thru cement by the end of the workout. I have been really tired and sore but I plan on going
hard at it again. I am going
to challenge myself when I workout, to work harder and more efficiently, to push my self to workout at a moderate to intense pace for at least 45 min 4-5 days a week. So far so good this week I have worked out 3 days so far and I will be working out in the morning. I have become more aware of the things I have been eating lately so I am very optimistic about this month. So after I completed my workout I had done 3 miles and I am proud of that. I am trying this app called couch to 5k. I hope to do a marathon soon after I have completed the training, anyone interested in joining me? We can just walk it not run, if you are interested let me know!
Ok so after working out and going to my appointment like 7 hours early I decided to go and find a birthday present for Lyrick’s party on Saturday. I go to the Carter’s baby store and I thought I was in baby heaven. Everything was on a serious sale I could have gone crazy, but I didn’t. I found an outfit for the birthday girl and one for Micah for under 15$. I am a shopaholic so I had to get out of there as fast as I could.
Anyway have a great weekend lovelies!
Sis Mocha


{June 18, 2012}   A morning walk

So I go walking in my neighborhood. It nothing major just around the block about ten times or thirty minutes which ever I am feeling. Well it seems I have generated some attention on this particular walk. On one side of the block a taxi driver comments “dang girl, you walked around the block that fast!” I guess he doesn’t notice that I am in full power walk mode, who walks slow when they are power walking? So I proceed on around to the other side of the block where there is a funeral home. Well at the very moment that I am taking my walk the funeral home is getting a shipment of caskets and there is an employee out receiving the delivery. Well this isn’t blocking my walk at all but this man decide’s to comment as well “girl, you walked the block THAT fast?” Now when I say full power walking mode I mean exercise gear on, headphones, sneakers, headband, full sweat. I mean I thought it was pretty obvious that I was not on a leisurely stroll. So I picked up the pace and the next time around the block more comments. Next time I go walking in the neighborhood I am carrying a do not disturb sign and hanging it on my back!

Ok so for the month of May I didn’t do so well. I know the reasons why but I won’t give you guys any excuses.I did gain but I didn’t lose either. I exercised a couple times a week but I haven’t been making wise food choices. Normally I would cook different meals for me and the family but I just haven’t been putting in the extra effort. I really want the results but for some reason they won’t just magically appear:( I just have to try and keep my mind focused. There is something that my husband says to me that makes me want to try harder and do my best in everything but I will keep that between us two. I don’t think that he knows how much it motivates me, but it does a lot.
Sis Mocha

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