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{June 28, 2012}   Zumba and 2 am don’t mix

Hey guys, I now I haven’t been blogging much lately but I guess I don’t feel very interesting lately. Not that I feel all that interesting any other time but I digress! So yesterday day one a super busy day for this stay at home mom. I did lots of laundry, cleaned house, my daughter was not feeling well so I ended up cleaning up her vomit. I cooked a couple times,took care of a very attached 9 month old and even went to check on my mother in law and went to Zumba. I was pretty beat and after cooking dinner I was ready to pass out but Micah had other ideas. This was one of the night that he decided to stay awake until, yep you guessed it 2am. I was so tired and so frustrated but I am momma and I can’t let things like this get me frazzled. So I said a short prayer for patience and sat up and watched tv with my little man, needless to say we both slept pretty late.
Ok, isn’t Zumba awesome?! I mostly feel like I want to pass out while I am doing it and I am definitely staring at the clock to see when it’s over but I feel pretty good. So I am going to add Zumba into my workout routine. You know my body should never get used to my workouts because I do about 4 of 5 different things, I even downloaded some workout apps. Anyhow, I will be going grocery shopping tomorrow so that I can do better on my health eating, back to eating clean and lean. I also have something new I am getting ready to try thanks to someone that God has placed in my life that just felt compelled to be a blessing. God is good that way!
Until next time TTFN!
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