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{August 2, 2012}   Zumba and friends!

Good morning all! I know that it has been a while since I have truly written in my blog, but it has been hard breaking thru this funk that I have been going thru over the last couple of months. I mean I was so motivated when I started this blog back in April. I was ready to just push myself to do the best that I could to lose this weight. I can’t even call it baby weight anymore because my baby will be a year old soon and I have yet to make it down to my pre baby weight. I have made some strides, but I am still disappointed in my laziness and lack of motivation. I mean just looking in the mirror should alone should push me to work out daily. Don’t get me wrong, I am not unhappy with myself but I am unhappy with my body. The thing is, I know that I can do it, normally when I have a goal in mind nothing can stop me from accomplishing it but it just seems so much harder to do now. I want to by any means necessary mentality again. I have realized that in the journey I just have to make time for me. I have two beautiful children and great husband, and I try to give them my time and energy. The thing is as I take care of them and their needs, but mine often get over looked. So I have decided to make me a priority! I know that it is going to be hard but I have to do it!

Anyhow, enough of my morning rant. I have a really good friend who has encouraged me to join a Zumba class with her at W.O.W fitness (war on weight). I have done Zumba a few other places and it was cool, but I think that I have found the place for me now. For $20 a month I have access to unlimited Zumba classes 5 days a week, and even though I have only done 2 classes ( which kicked my butt ) I loved every minute of it. The women/owners of the WOW fitness are very encouraging, as well as the participants of the class. The first day I thought I was going to die when I got home, but I felt better after a good night sleep. The second day, wasn’t as bad. I was completely soaked in sweat after the class, so I am looking forward to getting such an awesome workout on a regular basis. So my friend and I are both ex-military and she has been an awesome motivator, I see now she is not going to let me do anything less than 100%. Shout out to Key Fletcher, and thanks to everyone who comment on my posts and offer motivation, it is greatly appreciated! I hope to update you a couple of times a week with my workout progress. Anyone looking for a place to workout, try W.O.W. fitness they even offer free insanity classes twice a week, can beat that!

Motivational moment;

Sometime we mess up and get out of our healthy eating and workout routines, but don’t give up! As long as you have breath in your lungs you can start again. Make today the day you start over. Don’t say Monday I will do better, there is not better day than today to make a change in your life.

Every Accomplishment starts with a Decision to Try.

Another chance. #fitfluential

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Stay motivated!



{June 28, 2012}   Zumba and 2 am don’t mix

Hey guys, I now I haven’t been blogging much lately but I guess I don’t feel very interesting lately. Not that I feel all that interesting any other time but I digress! So yesterday day one a super busy day for this stay at home mom. I did lots of laundry, cleaned house, my daughter was not feeling well so I ended up cleaning up her vomit. I cooked a couple times,took care of a very attached 9 month old and even went to check on my mother in law and went to Zumba. I was pretty beat and after cooking dinner I was ready to pass out but Micah had other ideas. This was one of the night that he decided to stay awake until, yep you guessed it 2am. I was so tired and so frustrated but I am momma and I can’t let things like this get me frazzled. So I said a short prayer for patience and sat up and watched tv with my little man, needless to say we both slept pretty late.
Ok, isn’t Zumba awesome?! I mostly feel like I want to pass out while I am doing it and I am definitely staring at the clock to see when it’s over but I feel pretty good. So I am going to add Zumba into my workout routine. You know my body should never get used to my workouts because I do about 4 of 5 different things, I even downloaded some workout apps. Anyhow, I will be going grocery shopping tomorrow so that I can do better on my health eating, back to eating clean and lean. I also have something new I am getting ready to try thanks to someone that God has placed in my life that just felt compelled to be a blessing. God is good that way!
Until next time TTFN!
Sis Mocha

{April 24, 2012}   Clean, Lean, and Green!

Happy Tuesday peeps! Today is the dreaded day that I have put off for the last two weeks. I said that I would post my weight as well as a before picture of myself so that you could help me track my progress.  Anyway, I don’t have the full body pictures yet but I will get my husband to take them today and I will upload those along with my measurements, UUUhhh, Now the world will no that I am an out of shape lump of clay, but a beautiful one though.  I just wanted to check in with you guys today to leave just a little motivation. First off, I went to Zumba class last night and I love it. I also trained with SD last night and he drove me hard as usual.  I really want to get this balance thing down, so I have started doing Pilates, and I will do it at least 3-4 times a week along with my personal training sessions. This is day 2 of eating Lean, Clean, and Green, and I am loving it! I feel great already and  am sure I will feel even better once my system has been fully reset. I know that I am on an eight week challenge but I want my life to forever be changed because of the choices that I am making today.

Motivation moment:

Don’t allow your mind to defeat you, most of our battles are won or lost in our mind. Just because you didn’t eat well yesterday don’t allow that to throw you off course, reset and be determined to succeed. Decide to make today the day that your life changes for the better, takes small steps to make sure that you accomplish your goals. Find a POSITIVE friend to hold you accountable to what your goals are.  Remember you are strong, poised and beautiful! You CAN handle what the world throws at you, even if it’s a curve ball. Prepare yourself for the battle so that you will never be caught off guard.  YOU CAN DO IT, day by day, step by step!

As always stay encouraged,

Sis Mocha

These are some examples of what I have been eating

Whole grain wraps with egg whites and sautéed zucchini, and squash.

Lettuce wrap with brown rice, black beans, ground turkey, tomatoes, onions.

Brown rice, egg whites with spinach and artichoke, and mixed berries.

et cetera
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